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Meal Prep Is BACK!

Aloha friends,

We are finally able to bring back our meal preps. Sorry it has been a while since we started, but we are ready to go.

Each week we will release the menu on Friday. Orders to be made by Tuesday.

Currently we have meal preps set as PICK UP only. But we will start making some exceptions for those that need delivery. Delivery only to a limited area as we only have a couple of staff members.

Just a few notes:

-Meal Preps are not always healthy, but always delicious

-Some option will be LOW CARB, VEGETARIAN, VEGAN and KETO

-For delivery options we ask you order at least 10 meals (delivery fee will be charged)

-Meals can be frozen and reheated if necessary. Except for the salad options we offer.

Mahalo everyone for your continued support

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