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ʻOno and innovative for your event.


Bentos prepared M-F. Deliveries in town and Waimanalo. 


Tour the world and toast your way through an evening of food and wine. 


Check here for specials.  Rubs, smoked meat, ulu hummus & more.


I'm more of a "down to earth" person. I would like folks to see that I am a local guy who just likes to eat and experience a wide variety of KUISINES. Kalama's Kuisine came about when I had an opportunity to work a food tent at a block party. Needed a name and wanted people to know that I cook many cuisines, not just one. I don't try to specialize at any one cuisine... I just like them all. And I like to blend many of them together!


The food I make comes from experiences I've had in creating menus, or when I was in the Army like my crowd favorite, Kimchee Mac and Cheese. My family has influenced my cooking as well and my adventures around the world  time with family and what they cook also from my own adventures out trying different plates.

I definitely try to use as many local products as possible when I cook. Being close to the land and sea here is important to me and I grew up fishing a lot and like to utilize local seafood at all times.

A hui hou! 

Chef Bobby

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We like to source as much of our local produce, seafood, and proteins from local vendors as much as possible. Helping our local farmers is key to keeping the local economy going and there is no substitute for fresh grown local products.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Nearly 70% of our Hawaiʻi products are certified organic and we have fruits here that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. And with no doubt, our fresh ahi off the coast of the Big Island are among the best in the world. 



We  continue to meet and learn more about other farms on Oʻahu and will always aim to support locally grown and sourced produce & meats. Hawaiʻi is truly a unique paradise for all foodies! 

Romanesco Cauliflower


We currently work with 6 to 8 different farmers for their produce, each providing a specific item that we love and like to showcase.  Some of the best tomatoes, long beans, eggplant and long squash come from Ho Farms on the North Shore of Oahu.


Aloun Farms out of Ewa Beach grows some of the sweetest corn on the cobs you can find. They also have some great greens like choi sum, chinese parsley, and butter lettuce. Weʻve also found that their yellow sweet onions are tasty and sweeter than most. Aloun offers a wide variety of items and they can be your 1 stop shop for all of your produce.


Of course, because Chef Bobby was born and raised in Waimanalo, we try to support his local home town first and foremost. Waimanalo Country Farms offers great lemons, soy beans and even pumpkins in the Fall. But what we love most is their annual SUNFLOWER patch, which is such a beauty! 


Mohala Farms in Waialua is where we get all of our delicious ulu for the hummus we produce. Ulu is such a versatile fruit, and can be prepared in so many ways. We also source all of our collard greens from Mohala and it remains one of Chef Bobbyʻs favorite greens to use in his recipes. 



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Word on the Street

"Innovative food that enlivens our taste buds in addition to professional and personable service is what we love about Kalama's Kuisine."

— Joette Yago,

Architect/Senior Planner

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